How can I be sure that my dog will be taken care of if something were to happen to me?

Under California Probate Code § 15212, animals can be provided for in your Trust.  I often create “Pet Trusts” for clients within their living Trust to ensure that their beloved pets are cared for after their death.   In the Pet Trust, we designate a person to care for your pet and then require the trustee to make a cash distribution to that person to cover the pet’s expenses.  You are, in essence, providing a guardian for your pet.  Be sure to select your pet’s guardian carefully and discuss the responsibility with them.  If you have minor children, it may be appropriate for you to appoint the same guardian for the pet and your children, so they will not be separated.  If you need help providing for your pet, please call our office to set up a time to come see us, and bring your furry friend too!  We are a dog friendly office.